The opportunity

  • Global financial markets have reached demanding valuations, fueled in part by central bank policies.
  • Idiosyncratic opportunities are rising in an increasingly late cycle market exhibiting rising dispersion and periodic bouts of volatility.
  • Credit and equity events are ever present in the market and provide natural de-correlation to market beta.
  • Such a back drop requires a dedicated portfolio approach and asset class flexibility to exploit the opportunity set, navigate market stress and deliver uncorrelated returns.

What we offer

We aim to be a leading provider in the liquid alternatives market. Focusing principally on European markets, but with an appeal to investors globally, we seek to deliver mid to high single digit returns with moderate volatility.

Our first product – the Roxbury Credit Events Fund – is a long-short fund that seeks to take advantage of the mispricing of securities triggered by major corporate events or other catalysts

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Our edge

  • Our team is experienced and credible with a longstanding record in European credit and equity investing  Meet the team
  • A proprietary quantitative event flagging tool at the heart of our process provides real-time opportunities  How we invest
  • Credit focus but with through-the-cycle asset class flexibility
  • Negligible strategy correlation with Equity markets.
  • Strategy not reliant on general market timing.
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