Idiosyncratic opportunities are rising in an increasingly late cycle market exhibiting rising dispersion and periodic bouts of volatility. Such a back drop requires a dedicated portfolio approach and asset class flexibility to exploit the opportunity set, navigate market stress and deliver uncorrelated returns.
Most hedge funds are set up to target double-digit returns, which they need to justify high fees. But few consistently achieve performance targets and often takes significant credit, leverage and/or liquidity risks trying to achieve performance goals.

And we believe there is a fundamental flaw in many credit funds’ model: Only being able to short credit (and not equities) means most funds are not maximising the opportunity set at many points in the economic and credit cycles.

A mid-to-high single digit return target is realistic, and right for investors in our Credit Events Fund. We believe this is achievable and sustainable with a concentrated but balanced risk approach. Meanwhile, our fees are competitive.
We utilise a real time quantitative flagging tool – REF or the Roxbury Event Flags platform as part of our investment process. REF models equity, credit and fixed income asset classes (both cash and derivative) – we believe this is rare in the UCITS market. REF turns data into potential opportunities for the Roxbury Investment Team who focus on a current defined universe of 600 corporate and financial event names that have been historically tracked, often invested and analysed.

Our Investment Team conducts the fundamental analysis on each idea to provide the qualitative rigour and insight that deepens our conviction in each investment.

Once we have identified an opportunity and analysed it thoroughly, we consider how best to implement it by choosing our preferred investment instrument. Our primary focus is on credit. But our remit is flexible, so whether we are investing on the long or short side, we can use high yield bonds, financials, CDS or equities to achieve our objectives.
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